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We can convert the following tape formats to DVD

-VHS and VHS-C
- S-VHS and S-VHS-C
- Video 8
- Hi 8
- Mini DV
from only 19.50

Q & As on video tape usage

Q. What are the drawbacks of using tape for storing and playing my movies?

A. All tape formats, be they VHS, S-VHS, Hi-8 or even the more modern mini-DV rely on magnetism to retain the picture and sound information and require physical contact with the tape head during playback. This means that the quality deteriorates a little every time they are played. Even if they are not used, the magnetism fades gradually over time and the tape medium itself deteriorates. Tapes are also vulnerable to jamming and snapping in VCR machines. Another consideration is the changing face of technology how much longer will the VCR be available to purchase?

Q. What are the benefits of DVD

A. The video and audio information is burned onto the DVD disc in digital format and is read with a laser during playback. This method provides a number of advantages

  • The digital information does not fade over time. DVDs will last in excess of a hundred years
  • The surface is not in contact with any material so there is no wear and tear, no matter how many times the DVD is played
  • The digital technology allows menus and chapter points to be inserted onto the DVD during editing so that scenes can be accessed directly (No more messing with FF on the VCR)
  • DVDs are firmly established as the new medium for video. DVDs have replaced video tape as the consumers choice for playing movies
  • DVDs are compact and easily stored.
  • Digital technology now enables special effects such as slow motion sequences, picture collages and transitions to be added to your DVD during the editing process (Custom package)




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