We can convert the following tape formats to DVD

-VHS and VHS-C
- S-VHS and S-VHS-C
- Video 8
- Hi 8
- Mini DV
from only £19.50

Silver Service (our most popular) - from £24.50

1.You send your tapes to us using a delivery service of your choice (We recommend Royal Mail Special Delivery Service – this is the service we use for the safe return of your tapes and DVDs.)
2. We e-mail you confirmation of receipt of your package.
3. We convert your tape(s) to digital format using top-end processing and store the data on the computer hard drive.
4. At this stage we add a menu structure to the stored data with a title of your choice and chapter points every 10 minutes to allow you easy access to the sections of the DVD. The start of each section is presented as a ‘thumbnail’ image on the menu screen
5. We create (burn) the DVD, using high performance DVD-R media
6. We run a quality playback test on the DVD
7. The disc is then printed with a title of your choice and packaged in a white DVD case with a printed outer sleeve with stills from your video
8. We e-mail you confirmation that your order is completed
9. The disc and your original tape(s) are securely packaged and dispatched via Royal Mail Special Delivery Service (next day delivery guaranteed)
10. You enjoy your special moments forever on your indexed DVD

Bronze Service - from £19.50

This service has the same features as the Silver, but excludes the menu structure, titles and the chapter points. The disc is printed but is presented in a standard black DVD case

Gold Custom Package

This is the service for you if your original tapes are in a raw, uncut state, and have not been edited. Perhaps a family member or a friend, rather than a professional took your wedding or special event video. As well as all the features of the silver service, our custom package can also be tailored to include:
- Removal of obvious video and audio ‘glitches’ from the original recording
- Title and credit sequences of your choice
- A still picture collage, using captured images from the recording
- A slow motion highlights sequence set to your favourite sound track
- Professional transitions (fades, wipes, special effects) between major scene changes
- Intuitive chapter points, set at major scene changes, rather than at set intervals
- Presented in a white DVD case with a printed outer sleeve, with a title of your choice and still images from the DVD

Platinum Custom Package

All the features as the gold package, but if you think your original tape is too long, we can also cut sequences (what you consider as the boring bits) to make the finished DVD ‘shorter, sharper and punchier’

In this case we would transfer both your original recording and the edited version to DVD as part of the service.

As you can see, the custom packages can be tailored to your needs to produce a top quality production. The prices vary dependent upon your feature selection and the length of your original tape. Please contact us so that we can discuss your requirements and provide a competitive quote.


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